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Interactive online courses held regularly throughout the year

Protection Basics Course.

Build strong foundations and discover an alternative way to think about protection selling.

Learn to adopt a more holistic mindset, how to identify hidden opportunities, how to overcome objections and how to build trust and engage with your client.

Reduce the risk of lapses.

Learn to prioritise more effectively.

Matt Chapman’s
IP Masterclass.

Learn how to sell Income Protection in a fun and engaging way.

Discover how Income Protection offers your client long-term financial resilience.

Learn techniques proven to increase Income Protection sales conversion.

Find out how to cross-sell Income Protection to an existing client bank.


Mortgage Protection.

Change the way you think about Mortgage Protection forever!

Use proven techniques to protect your clients properly and guarantee a sale, regardless of whether the mortgage proceeds.

Learn how to increase your product density and sell more solutions to your clients.

Business Protection Basics Course.

Discover how your self-employed clients could put their cover on expenses.

Learn all about cost-effective and tax-efficient Business Protection solutions.

Get to grips with how Relevant Life and Executive Income Protection plans work.

Find out how to cross-sell Business Protection to your corporate client bank.

Uncover the value that Business Protection solutions can add to your proposition.

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